How can laughing in the face of flawlessness build a skincare brand?

Super Facialist

Consumer Goods

How can a fast-growing tech brand become a strategic solution not a tactical one?



How do you make a stand for positivity when your industry attracts negativity?


Financial Services

How can advertising convey the relevance of a position during a global pandemic?

Eurocamp Summer 2020


How do you rejuvenate a brand when the market shifts?

Bristan | Heritage Bathrooms

Homes & Interiors

How can we create a seasonal beer range that's different yet still intrinsically JW Lees?

Seasonals 2020

Food & Drink

How can we preserve our legacy in one area while confidently expanding into others?


Professional Services

How can we align all our marketing behind a powerful positioning that will change perceptions of our brand?



When a brand is 190 years old, how do you create an exciting new vision?

JW Lees

Leisure & Hospitality | Food & Drink

How can a zoo in the heart of a global city let the world know it’s not a concrete jungle?

ZSL London Zoo

Leisure & Hospitality

How can new regulations be seen positively?

Information Commissioner’s Office

Public Sector

When a brand is at the cutting edge, how can its identity keep up?

The Sanger Institute


What can you do when the brand that's making you a success is also holding you back?

The Westmorland Family

Food & Drink

How can raising flood awareness move from a disjointed, localised effort to one united behind a national brand?

Environment Agency

Public Sector

When a business has too many ideas, can a brand idea restrict and liberate in equal measure?


Leisure & Hospitality

How can stories be used to grow a business culturally and commercially?


Food & Drink

How do you encourage retailers to move a product range to a more prominent shelf position?

Batiste Dry Shampoo

Consumer Goods

How can you ensure everyone moving a product into a new market is heading in one powerful direction?



How can people be persuaded to park their preconceptions and see a brand for what it is?

Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair

Arts & Culture

How can a new identity help an organisation find its voice?

Information Commissioner’s Office

Public Sector

When a business is decentralised how can it create a shared vision and culture?

Vestey Holdings

Food & Drink

How can you reflect a new contemporary outlook but not let it conflict with your past?

Martin Moore

Homes & Interiors

When a charity doesn't have the money for fundraising, can you celebrate a story that does it for you?

Wythenshawe Amateurs FC

Third Sector