Open Partners

The battle for attention is fraught. Attention spans are plummeting, and the news cycle is relentless. People’s desire for products and services is immediate in a world where social media and digital video are our age’s new (and only) mass media channels — the true creators of culture.

Open Partners, having founded the digital offer of a media behemoth, had witnessed this change and harnessed it. But they felt there was more to be done. So they created an integrated communications agency built for a new world. Open Partners asked us to help them take a position at the forefront of this new media landscape.

Open Partners

What We Did
Brand strategy
Guidelines and templates
Film and photography
Internal communications
Website and social media


Starting with a digital (performance) media focus, Open Partners has broadened their offer into traditional media, becoming a full-service media agency. But they’re anything but traditional.

Open Partners asked us to develop a brand position and identity to celebrate their difference. We needed to make their team proud to work for the business and create a magnet for future talent. They required the company to stand out in clients’ minds and attract new ones, using a coherent message, look and feel across the business.


As a relatively young business, Open Partners appeal to something other than the large, slow-moving clients that the established media agencies do. They attract challengers, the clients willing to take a chance on a different kind of agency in search of a better way.

Digital and traditional agencies used to be very different: one focused on brand and the other on performance. There is now a recognition that these two types of agency are converging. Open Partners needed to position themselves in this new space that tomorrow’s media agencies will occupy because prospective clients are actively seeking agencies thinking about what’s next rather than what’s now.

The agency of next

Yesterday’s media agencies succeeded if they had the scale to do the best deals. The media agency of tomorrow will be centred around minds, not muscles, creating a culture where minds can thrive. Open partners embrace progress, bringing what’s next to the forefront of communications strategy. Their minds are always open, combining data and intuition to prove they’re on the right path. We captured this as the Agency of Next.

The lark became our visual shorthand: a small songbird, the lark rises before first light; they move quickly and have adapted to singing in flight. Over the years, larks have inspired writers, artists and musicians. Our lark is doing the same for Open Partners.

A symbol that signals the start of a new day and the restlessness for what's next.

A hype reel to capture the disruptive nature of today's media landscape and the opportunities presented by tomorrow.

Open Partners' strength is their people. We were able to capture the individualism of each team member, resulting in some brilliant interactions.

Building a brand from the inside out. We put branded merchandise in the hands of the Open Partners' people helping them quickly absorb, and feel part of, the new brand.

“As an owner operated business, developing our brand was always going to be a tough gig. Squad got it and showed real strategic leadership. They challenged us but also rolled with the punches, with grace. The results have been great. A distinctive position and a platform for growth, as intended. Job done.”

(Joe Procter, Managing Partner, Open Partners)