Positions need an initial spark to create impact and the staying power to sustain momentum

We work with clients to take a position

Through a rigorous mix of research, analytics, strategic development tools, gut instinct, empathy, imagination and rapid prototyping, we set strategy free from vanilla presentations and ring-binders to help leaders nail and define their position. Working in tandem, our potent cocktail of strategists and creatives create defendable positions with the personality to move people.

Visual and verbal identity
Assets, guidelines and templates

We partner with clients to sustain momentum

Fighting to defend a position and sustain momentum can be as vital as creating it in the first place. Our multi-disciplinary creative teams – remaining in partnership with our strategists – implement positions across internal culture, products and services, customer experience, communications and marketing.

Internal communications
Culture change
Product and packaging design
Environment design
Digital experience design
Communication campaigns
Content and social

Virtual Position Power Workshop

A new product for challenging times

During the Great Plague of London, a young Isaac Newton was sent home from his studies at University. He quickly got busy on theories of calculus, gravity and optics. And it was outside his window at home that a certain apple tree grew. He would later refer to this time as his annus mirabilis, the “year of wonders.”

In a world of social distancing and enforced remote working, brands that find new opportunities to keep going will emerge from this economic black hole ahead of their competitors. We believe that on the other side, position is a rocket that will fly you to the moon.

To help clients position themselves for the recovery we’ve adapted our Position Power Workshop so we can now deliver it remotely. We’ve also launched our Position Power Calculator, a free self-assessment tool for measuring the power of your brand position to drive growth and fuel action. To find out more, please click here.