When a digital agency in Nottingham wanted a way to keep track of their team’s annual leave, they built some simple software and called it Edays. It worked brilliantly, providing a much better solution than paper and spreadsheets. In fact it worked so well that the team decided to sell it to other small businesses. The business took off and was spun out of the digital agency, eventually going through a management buy-out and receiving investment from private equity firm Palatine.








By 2019 the market had become cluttered with competitors. All of them offered essentially the same proposition – a time and money saving alternative to paper and spreadsheets. Under the bonnet, Edays was a more powerful system, which had led to some huge global clients such as Asos and Coca-Cola. However, the brand appeared undifferentiated. It’s position and communications sounded the same as everyone else. And it looked and felt like a small, unsophisticated brand. This was limiting its growth.

Absence matters

We spent time understanding the business and its market and identified the need to position Edays as a strategic solution not a tactical one. Every competitor in the market was able to provide a slicker alternative to paper and spreadsheets. Growth would come from appealing to HR leaders in major global companies. These people are interested in the big people issues like presenteeism, burnout and wellbeing.

The opportunity for Edays was to become the gurus of absence, helping companies harness it in a way that impacts productivity and mental health. This was summarised in the position “absence matters”. Edays does this by helping companies manage their absence processes better on a global basis. Supporting employees by making it easier to book holidays and providing automated assistance if they’re sick. And through powerful reporting tools it can spot patterns to reduce absence.

We carried out a full rebrand of the Edays business, communicating the new position internally, overhauling the website and updating all their sales and marketing materials. We provided a set of guidelines and full suite of assets to empower their team to get behind the new brand and position.