YPO Gold

Connections matter. The YPO network offers access to powerful peer-to-peer networking, timely guidance from fellow leaders and many treasured friendships. In many ways, the unprecedented events which unfolded over 2020/21 made connections ever more important.

Designed to inspire leaders to join the dots from the event speakers’ wisdom and their day to day lives, we reimagined the 2020/21 YPO Gold event brochure as an oversized book of complex dot-to-dot puzzles. Members were encouraged to pass the brochure on to their younger family members to complete, whilst sharing an inspiring nugget from the event speakers with them. We used uncoated white paper and singer sewn binding so that the brochure can be laid flat and the puzzles completed by the children.

But here was the deal: members were to make sure they listened to any nuggets of wisdom served back to them by the children. Like the events programme itself, the brochure served to enable all members, partners and families to connect better with each other, as well as connecting with and understanding the issues we face in the world today.