Position Project

An ongoing exploration into the power of positions and the stories behind them


Film | Sarah Dunning, Chair of Westmorland Family

Tebay Services on the M6 has famously been described as the closest a motorway service area comes to Harrods Food Hall. It’s run by the Westmorland Family, whose current chair is Sarah Dunning. We were delighted to talk to Sarah as part of the Position Project.


Position Power Tools

Our Position Power Tools are built around the unique culture and approach that Squad uses to find, take and sustain positions. There are four tools designed to educate, inspire and support people looking to learn more about powerful positions.


What pandemics teach us about challenger brand positions

A crucial ingredient in achieving success as a challenger brand is word-of-mouth. Without the advantage of big advertising budgets to buy awareness, underdogs are reliant on news of their brand spreading virally through culture. It’s like the R metric that Coronavirus has made famous. Challenger brands need strong positions to turbo charge their R value.


Are you positioned for the recovery?

In a world of social distancing and enforced remote working, brands that find new opportunities to keep going will emerge from this economic black hole ahead of their competitors. We believe that now more than ever, position is a rocket that will fly you to the moon.


Why position should matter to professional service firms

People often assume that what we do – building brands – is far more relevant to businesses selling to consumers than those selling to other businesses. Particularly those selling professional services. They couldn’t be more wrong.


POV*: How to unearth a position

Positioning is about finding a simple, powerful expression of everything the brand or organisation is about. And then putting this at the heart of everything. Here are our 15 pieces of advice for how to find one.