You Can't Change the World with Brand Onions

We started Squad because we observed clients frustration at the disconnect between strategy and creative.

Strategists operate upstream often at boardroom, business or category level.

They gain a rich understanding of the market, competition, customer and client.

Through a mindset of relentless questioning, digging and exploring, they get to grips with the problem, which is often different to the problem the client thought they had.

This understanding gives birth to the solution.

The problem is that the outputs of the strategic process are too often PowerPoint slides, models, onions and pyramids.

These outputs do not speak to designers, copywriters, developers and content creators.

Too often, all the strategic effort gets misinterpreted, misunderstood and misused.

Thinking doesn't translate into action.

And without effective implementation, strategy is pointless.

We founded Squad because we wanted to bridge this gap.

We wanted to fuse strategy and creative.

To work with clients at a level we call before the brand.

To get to grips with the big issue, first and foremost.

To create a business where strategists and creatives work alongside each other in tandem, not in sequence.

To ensure the outputs of strategy are creative tools that can be understood and used to create change.

To treat every stage of the project as creative, so strategy becomes as imaginative as the advertising or branding.

We often talk to clients about finding their purpose or their why.

This is ours.

– DB & RG