JW Lees | Seasonals 2020

Each year JW Lees brew five limited edition beers to offer something new and different to their permanent range. In an extremely competitive market, it’s vital they immediately stand out. However, the new brand strategy we introduced in 2017 was to create a family of beers that conveyed a stronger JW Lees brand. We needed a design solution that would make the seasonal beer range feel different yet still intrinsically JW Lees.



Guest typographers
The JW Lees beer identity celebrates deliberately diverse typography. By continuing with typographic designs, we could maintain the family feel of the beers. Where the core range favours muscular display fonts, many with industrial heritage, we brought in a guest lettering artist with a more fluid approach. Alison Carmichael’s lettering ensures the beers stand out in the market, and from the core beers, as well as unifying the designs across the year. We also created names that linked to the time of year or beer style, and which made for distinctive, memorable bar-calls.

This is a great step forward in interesting and exciting cask ale, with beers that will stand out from the crowd.

Michael Lees-Jones – Head Brewer, JW Lees