It takes time to build a winning squad

Slowly, slowly catchy monkey.

Looking for the right people can be like that.

Building a formidable team ­­­— a squad — is for sure.

It’s about playing the right people in the right position.

To what some might call a system, but what we call a way.

Peter Thiel, a venture capitalist and investor in Airbnb, put it concisely (and bluntly):

“Don’t fuck up the culture.”

He makes a good point.

So we build a squad slowly, thoughtfully, but with passion.

It’s about winning.

Teams win.

Teams have a duty to each other.

They build on each other’s strengths; they cover weaknesses.

Talent can only take you so far, but hunger?

Hunger carries you; hunger is contagious.

A hungry team is a formidable one.

We’re always on the lookout for talented, hungry people to join us.

But there’s a role we are thinking about right now.

If it sounds like you, then perhaps we should get to know each other.

Designer / Art Director

You’re a maker.

That’s what you do.

From the smallest pixel up, you make stuff: identities, campaigns, animations, print, You happily edit together films.

(Hell, you may even shoot ‘em too.)

You’re technically savvy.

Crisp vectors, cunning retouches, dancing logos, speed ramps, you’ve got it all goin’ on.

But you’re almost always hungry, hungry to develop your skills.

When you don’t know how to make something, you suss it out.

You love to share your skills with others.

You know you’re RGB from your CMYK, technically for sure, but you see the

beauty in just the right two Pantones cosying up together or deliberately bashing heads.

You know your Bob Gill from your Eric Gill, your FHK Henrion from your Armin Hofmann.

You’re a cultural hoover (that’s like a Dyson).

You suck up references from electronic music to opera, cartoons to art house.

And you have opinions on all the above.

You see that taking a position is a powerful engine for creativity, not removing your spark plugs.

You know positions are only as good as their constant maniacal execution.

Sound like you? Let’s talk.

Making is the new thinking.

That be the truth.

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