Eurocamp | Summer 2020

The prospects for 2020 overseas holidays looked bleak until the relaxation of the UK government’s quarantine restrictions. Suddenly, for those looking for a much-needed break, there was an opportunity to escape their overly familiar four walls. But what kind of holiday do you go on in times like these?

With the nation wondering what their summer holidays will look like this year, we turned around a new TV advert in record time to showcase the relevance of Eurocamp’s position to the times in which we are living.

We wrote a host of new scripts within days, pragmatically utilising footage we captured back in 2018.

We recorded the voiceover down the line with broadcasting legend Gemma Cairney.

Then we set to work on all the prerequisite social cutdown and online films.

All in three weeks, start to finish.

The resulting campaign showcases how Eurocamp holidays are the perfect way for families to reconnect this summer because they offer a range of naturally spacious possibilities. This was an opportunity, not just for the brand to demonstrate why it’s ideal this summer given the continued presence of Coronavirus, but how this is how they’ve always done it. And always will. We celebrated the fact that Eurocamp does space in a big way, with emotion but staying clear of the well-trodden and overly affected Coronavirus ads out there in abundance.