Are you positioned for the recovery?

Right now, it’s all about the people at the frontline. Those working in areas like the NHS have shown huge courage in fighting Coronavirus. People like us, those not on the frontline, must do everything possible to support them. There are also businesses – and people who work in them – who have experienced huge change. Some of our clients fall into this category and we’ve been working intensely to support them.

With all the immediate challenges we face, it’s hard to think ahead. We must though. As time passes the burden on the NHS will ease. The recovery will come. This period in history will have caused serious harm to many organisations. Getting them back to full health will be crucial for the prosperity of us all. We need businesses to rise again, creating jobs and paying taxes. Those that can need to start thinking about this now so that the recovery is rapid and enduring.

Stories from pandemics throughout history have been circulating recently. When the plague closed theatres in the 1600s, Shakespeare got busy. During this time, he is said to have penned King Lear, Macbeth, and Antony and Cleopatra. The plays contain numerous references to what Shakespeare was experiencing, including Lear’s description of the “plagues that hang in this pendulous air¹.”

In 1665 during the Great Plague of London a young Isaac Newton was sent home from his studies at Cambridge University. Returning home to Woolsthrope Manor, he worked on theories of calculus, gravity and optics during a period he would later refer to as his annus mirabilis, the “year of wonders.” And it was outside his window at Woolsthrope that a certain apple tree grew. When Newton returned to Cambridge in 1667 he was made a fellow within six months. Within two years he was a professor.²

Both Newton and Shakespeare used their time to ready themselves for the recovery. In a world of social distancing and enforced remote working, brands that find new opportunities to keep going will emerge from this economic black hole ahead of their competitors. We believe that on the other side, position is a rocket that will fly you to the moon. Your position is the source of your momentum. Positions align the energies of an organisation behind a singular goal. They give those inside the organisation a purpose to strive for. They encapsulate a reason why the brand is different, turning this into a beacon that attracts new customers and fosters loyalty from existing ones. Positions should capture a thought so potent that people can’t help but talk about them, helping word spread like wildfire through culture.

Amidst all the pressing issues we face, we are encouraging clients to make time to consider how they position their products, services and organisations. The world will undoubtably be a very different place on the other side, so positions that have previously worked may become obsolete. Now is the time to reassess. Of equal importance is how a position is deployed – from internal culture to outward interactions. Actions can be planned to increase the momentum you build around your position, so you’re ready when the time comes.

To help clients start planning their recovery, we’ve launched two new products.

Firstly, we’ve developed a free Position Power Calculator. This is a self-assessment tool for measuring the power of your brand position to drive growth and fuel action. You can download a copy from beneath this article.

Secondly, we’ve adapted our Position Power Workshop so we can deliver it remotely. Our Workshop will explore how your brand currently performs and start creating a roadmap for its development. You can download more information here or contact us to book a Workshop.

— RG

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