Christmas 2023

2023 is the year AI has cemented itself into our lives at pace. At work, we’ve embraced it in various ways, using it in everything from research and storyboarding to illustration and film production. It’s sped up and improved our work. But AI also has limitations.

This year’s Christmas card and the accompanying film of its production remind us of the craft skills we must hold close as we charge into the future. It would be easy for traditional artisans to be left behind as we rush to embrace shiny new technology. But in doing so, we leave people and skills behind, often not realising until it’s too late.

Karen Edwards of the Red Button Press in Liverpool printed the card. Karen is dedicated to preserving the art of letterpress, which is now on the endangered craft list. Karen used vintage wooden letters A and I to print on hand-cranked, pedal-powered printing presses named Ada, Tom and Babs, Ruth and Brian. David Barraclough shot photography of the production, and the Squad team used it to create a film of the process. The voiceover came from Ian, Gabrielle, Brian, Helen, James and George from Narakeet AI.