AstraZeneca is one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies. Over the 15-year lifecycle of an AZ brand, it is essential that the global network responsible for its delivery is engaged and inspired. Their problem was that the information detailing their way of doing so was hidden away in relatively mundane slide presentations.

Our challenge was to turn 1000s of words – known internally as the narrative – and PowerPoint sides into an engaging format that people actually want to read, and therefore inspire and sustain a global culture.

A truly global idea
We leveraged the idea of a global brand journey to get everybody on board and travelling in the same direction. We created a printed brand book and an interactive eBook version, which used a large AZ on the front cover to give it an atlas-like feel, while reflecting the initials of the organisation.


Photography was chosen to demonstrate the diverse territories in which AZ operate. Images portrayed a multitude of different journeys with a subtle sense of positive movement from left to right.

In order to aid the flow of the journey we provided additional copywriting input to complement the narrative. A set of travel-inspired pictograms provided the final part of the visual language.

We incorporated the visual language into a number of digital projects and screen-based media, including the look for two major global Shar