Artisan Wines | Brand Identity

Artisan Wines has a simple approach: authentic French wines produced by small, passionate producers, delivered with insightful tasting notes to customers’ doors. They seek distinctive hand-crafted wines in the £7 to £15 bracket, where the price-to-quality ratio is particularly strong. Customers get a great deal and a product they can’t buy on the high street.

Everything about Artisan Wines is hands-on, from how they source their wines to the producers who make them. So, we turned to traditional letterpress techniques to create a wonderfully warm and imprecise look for the brand, adopting a bold typographic look. Our graphic approach pushed Artisan Wines away from the elaborate script typefaces so common in the wine sector.

We noticed that small blackboards in the producers’ cellars often sit next to the wine fermentation barrels; we utilised this imagery as a creative background for tasting note covers and direct mail.

Artisan Wines asked us for several printed pieces to sit in the delivery boxes. They were delighted and astounded when we told them we could produce much of their initial printed materials with just one sheet of A4 paper, cleverly perforated to make letters, compliment slips, tasting notes and invoices. This perforating, folding and binding with red elastic bands only added to Artisan Wines’ hand-crafted execution and the sense of a personal touch.