Taking a position is powerful. Adopting an idea that will be championed at the top and embodied in everything you do. Not spin applied from the outside, but a fundamental truth from inside. Positions power growth and fuel action. They become a rallying cry for insiders; reaching deep inside the organisation and its people. They become a beacon for outsiders; inspiring loyalty and permeating culture at large.

Our Position Power Calculator is a free, self-assessment tool that measures the power of a brand’s position. It’s designed to aid initial exploration of your strengths and weaknesses as the basis for a further discussion with our team. The tool will:

  • Walk you through the five stages of building a powerful position.
  • Explain how to assess your current performance at each stage.
  • Leave you with a clear idea of the areas for improvement.
  • Give you a rating to monitor your progress and benchmark performance.

You can download the Position Power Calculator using the form beneath this article.

Our Calculator is part of our Position Power Tools series, which also includes:

Position Power Talk
A masterclass in why taking a position is powerful, complete with practical guidance on how to do it and inspiring examples of other brands. Now available virtually.

Position Power Workshop
The first step on the journey for a team wanting to explore how their brand currently performs and start creating a roadmap for its development. Now available virtually.
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Position Power Report
A written audit providing an objective assessment of how a brand currently performs and where it needs to improve. Designed for those considering buying or investing in a brand.
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Position Power Calculator

A free, self-assessment tool to measure the power of your position

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